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We stock and keep a wide inventory of Amerivent brand B-vent gas pipe. To earn the designation of "Type B" a product must pass the safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories. AmeriVent double-wall pipe meets these requirments and is approved for use with category 1 water heaters, boilers, furnaces, space heaters, or wall heaters.

Double-wall metal construction provides protection for health and safety, as well as benefits of economy, ease of installation, efficiency, and protection from property damage.

For homeowners & contractors this means:


Easy to Install




Peace of Mind

Our Amerivent pipe in constructed with a double wall of metal pipe for both insulation and safety. The inner pipe is made of aluminum and heats up quickly, containing the warm flue gases inside, and helps keep them warm. The airspace between the inner and the outer pipes provides insulation against heat loss to keep the warmer flue gases on the rise. The outer pipe of galvanized steel ensures strength, safety, and durability.

One of the fire safety features of double-wall Type B gas vent is that its outer wall, insulated by the airspace beneath it, requires only 1” clearance to combustible material in the structure

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Our Amerivent Products

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