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Our triple wall chimney pipe is AmeriVent manufactured by American Metal Products. AmeriVent is the preferred, most efficient, economical, and easily installed all-fuel chimney system in the industry. Triple wall pipe better protects combustible materials from the higher temperatures that comes from things such as wood stoves.

For homeowners this means:


Easier Install


Longer Lasting


Peace of Mind

Our triple wall pipe is listed for venting flue gases up to 1000°F under continuous operating conditions. Constructed with two inner walls an asbestos free ceramic fiber blanket in between resulting in excellent high temperature stability. The ceramic blanket is noncombustible, thin, and lightweight. Light enough that it can easily be installed by one person.

It is built to last with a system combining corrosion resistant stainless steel and sturdy galvanized steel.

Double Wall vs Triple Wall Chimney Pipe

This is a common question we receive from many Winston-Salem, NC residents. The answer is dependent on the specific job requirements, but there are obvious differences between the two pipes. The triple-wall chimney pipe contains a layer of insulation between the innermost wall and the middle wall whereas a double-wall chimney pipe contains a layer of insulation between the two metal walls. There are many instances where triple wall pipes are required, like in the use of wood stoves in mobile homes. When you utilize Raymond Supply Co. we are happy to assist and answer any of your questions throughout the process.  

We supply both general contractors and residential clients. If you are a homeowner who is interested in having something that requires triple wall pipe, but do not want to  install it yourself, give us a call anyway! And we will do our best to set you up with a contractor that we know and trust.

Give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and quote you an estimate.

Our Triple Wall Products

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