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We stock and keep a wide inventory of Simpson DuraVent brand B-vent gas pipe. Type B Gas Vent has been engineered to heat up rapidly and remains hot during the operation of the appliance to keep gases hot and on the the rise and to minimize condensation in the appliance and vent system.


We keep a wide stock of DuraVent including pipe lengths in multiple lengths from a 12 inch adjustable slip to 60 inch fixed pipe, with a range of adjustable and rigid fittings.

For homeowners & contractors this means:


Easy to Install




Peace of Mind

Our DuraVEnt pipe in constructed with a double wall of metal pipe for insulation, safety, and durability. The inner pipe is made of aluminum and heats up quickly, and helps keep them warm. This along with the airspace between the inner and the outer pipes provides insulation against heat loss to keep the warmer flue gases on the rise. The outer pipe of galvanized steel ensures strength, safety, and durability.

One of the fire safety features of double-wall Type B gas vent is that its outer wall, insulated by the airspace beneath it, requires only 1” clearance to combustible material in the structure

Give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and quote you an estimate.

Our DuraVent Products

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