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A zone control system allows the homeowner to separately control the temperature of different areas or levels of the home without having to install a second unit. An EWC ultra-zone control system and a single unit is far less expensive than installing an additional unit for each floor of the house. Raymond Supply keeps a wide range of zone control dampers and control boards, all manufactured by EWC Inc.

For homeowners this means:


More Control


Less Expensive


More Comfort

All of Raymond Supply's zone control dampers and control boards are manufactured by EWC Inc. In addition to products for the HVAC industry, EWC produces power transformers and components for a variety of applications including use in military aircraft and the space shuttle. EWC products are tried and tested, and that experience has come over into their zone control products and translates into unrivaled reliability.

Add a level of control and comfort to you or your customers home with an EWC ultra-zone system.

Give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and quote you an estimate if you are a contractor, or refer you to a contractor if you are a homeowner.

Our EWC Products

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