Summer’s heating up and you may find it’s time to charge the coolant in your customer's HVAC system. Whether you’re replacing a system, or extending the life of an existing unit, Raymond Supply has got you covered. From the sustainable coolants for modern units to phased out Freon replacements, we stay well stocked with MO99, 410A, 407C, and hard-to-find R22 tanks. Call us today for more information on the right refrigerant for your customer's system. 

For Contractors and Repair services this means:


Competitive pricing


Readily Available


Cool, Happy Customers


R-22 refrigerants are on their way out as EPA restrictions limit its production and import. As of 2020, only recycled and stockpiled freon refrigerants are available for servicing existing systems. Finding affordable gas to fix leaks is getting harder and harder to do. 


If you’ve got an older HVAC system, you can either replace the whole system with more sustainable coolants or extend its life with freon replacements from us.


MO99 coolant is the quick replacement to the R-22 and is considerably more environmentally friendly. It also makes it easy to retrofit existing R-22 systems and can lower maintenance costs. This coolant is for residential and commercial units for low and medium-temperature systems. 



410A is a more modern and readily available coolant than R-22. As R-22 has been phased out, newer units needed a new coolant to run on, and for many units that coolant is 410A. This makes it a common choice for both residential and commercial units. 



407C refrigerant is an economical replacement for R-22 coolant in medium-temperature installations and offers better energy efficiency and easier maintenance.

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