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An imbalance of humidity, whether too dry or too damp, can cause problems for your health, belongings, as well as your comfort. A proper balance of humidity is necessary and Raymond carries a variety of products to get your customers home where it needs to be. 

For Homeowners this means:


Better Air


Better Health


Peace of Mind

Air that is too dry allows things such as pollen and bacteria to move about the air freely without the resistance that comes from the water in the air, which can lead to respiratory infections and allergies. Too Damp, and molds and mildews can form which bring health problems as well.


Dry air can also cause things such as wooden floors or furniture to dry out and crack, too much moisture in the air can lead to molds and mildews also causing damage of a different kind. 


Ensure that your customers' home strikes the proper balance of air humidity with our stock of both humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help them avoid discomfort, health issues, or damage to the home itself to leave them with the best experience possible. 

More Humidity Control Benefits with Raymond Supply Co.


Better Energy Efficiency - When your home or business contains air that is too dry it is not as efficient holding in warmth, causing an increase in energy bills.

Eliminates static electricity, dry hair, and dry skin - The world of humidity control can make our lives so much easier. 

Reduced Fire Hazards - Proper humidity control can reduce fire risks specifically in places where flammable dust may be produced. 

Humidity Control Products

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