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Our single wall stove pipe is manufactured by Southwark Metal Products and comes in a heavier gauge than our standard single wall snap lock pipe. The heavier 24 gauge metal gives the pipe longer life under the high temperatures that come out of a wood stove.


IMPORTANT: Single wall stove MUST maintain a minimum space of at least 18 inches from walls, ceilings, or any other combustible material. Triple Wall Chimney Pipe and the proper fittings must be used if coming within an 18" distance of combustible material, or to pass through a wall or ceiling, and from that point out. Click here to view our available triple wall inventory.

For homeowners this means:


More Durable


Longer Lasting


Peace of Mind

It is inadvisable to use lighter gauge snap lock pipe such as 26 gauge pipe, which is standard in most heating and air applications, when venting out something such as a wood stove as the high temperatures will cause the pipe to break down and crumble apart. For applications like this, a heavier gauge pipe should be used.

We keep a variety of single wall stove pipe including unpainted galvanized, black painted galvanized, and stainless steel. The black pipe offers a better aesthetic  than the standard galvanized pipe and will not be prone to the same discoloration that the standard pipe will get after a few uses. The stainless steel stands up to high heat much better and will thus have a longer life span than the other two and will consequently need to be replaced less often.


Give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and quote you an estimate.

Our Single Wall Stove Pipe Products

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